Halsey Calls Touring ‘Favorite Part’ Of Her Career But Won’t Miss ‘Constant Drama’

During a recent appearance on “The Late Late Show With James Corden,” Halsey said that performing in front of a live crowd is her favorite part of her music career.

“Touring is my favorite part of what I do. I love the fact that every time I get on stage the show is different. I have a pretty unscripted show so we do things really differently every night,” she told Corden.

The comments come close on the heels of her announcement that she has cancelled her long-postponed Manic World Tour.

“Safety is the priority. I wish things were different,” the singer tweeted last Friday. “I love you. Dreaming of seeing your faces again.”

During the Talk Show, the pop singer recalled some mishaps she experienced onstage, including a Madison Square Garden show in 2016, where “everything malfunctioned.”

“Things go wrong all the time so I’m like that’s the one thing I’m happy I’m not dealing with is the constant drama of cleaning up after myself onstage,” Halsey added.

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