Hailey Bieber Pops Justin’s Pimples In Wild New Episode of Their Online Show — Watch

In the latest episode of their Facebook series ‘The Biebers on Watch,’ Justin admitted to fans that his adoring wife, Hailey, is the one who pops his pimples, confessing that she even ‘does masks’ for him and more!

So, this is love? In the May 6 episode of Justin and Hailey Bieber‘s new Facebook series, The Biebers on Watch, the couple revealed that their love knows no limits — especially when it comes to helping each other’s skin care habits. As fans know all too well, 23-year-old Hailey has one of the most stunning complexions out there, thanks in no small part to a regimented and careful skin-care routine she practices on the daily. Now, while the couple is safely quarantining in Justin’s Canadian home, even the “Yummy” singer, 26, is getting into the habit.

“Justin has really nice skin naturally, and over the last two years he’s really been struggling with adult acne onset breakouts,” Hailey shared with the camera while the two listened to some tunes in their kitchen and cooked up a tasty pasta dish. “I’m super into skin care, especially because we’ve had a lot of time in this quarantine. I told him that by the time we exit this quarantine he is going to have glowing, perfect skin so we are going to work on that. He has very nicely let me…you know.” Justin quickly interjected to finish her thought, revealing that Hailey’s “been pickin’ and proddin’ at my skin.”

But as it turns out, Hailey’s actually been doing a lot more than just picking at her hubby’s skin. “It’s not good to pick at pimples,” Hailey admitted. But that hasn’t stopped her from going after Justin’s breakouts! “She pops them,” Justin revealed to the camera, adding that his wife even “puts, like, serum and does masks for me — the whole thing.”

Since their marriage in September 2018 — with a second ceremony in September 2019 — Justin and Hailey have been anything but shy about showing off how much they adore one another. Indeed, the couple is so comfortable with their PDA that they’re often photographed out and about and at red carpet events loving on one another. So it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise that the two have been extra close and shared it with their fans. As the couple continues to spend their time in quarantine together, fans cannot wait to see what else they reveal in future episodes of The Biebers on Watch, exclusively on Facebook.

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