Gogglebox’s The Tapper family speak out on coronavirus battle ‘Never been so afraid’

Gogglebox star Jonathan Tapper, 51, suffered from his first coronavirus symptom last month. His wife Nikki recalled the moment her spouse was left “unable to move” as he suffered from a cough and a high temperature.

“He laid down on the sofa and – with no exaggeration – he stayed there for two weeks in our lounge room,” she told the Daily Star.

“We tended to him as best we could, but at times he seemed unable to breathe.

“Having spoken to the doctors, they urged us to stay home, but they said to quickly get an oxygen monitor, which fixed to his finger.”

Nikki went on to say the family were “very concerned” due to Jonathan’s underlying health conditions such as diabetes.

She added that, at one point, her spouse went pale and was “heaving with every breath”.

“I tried to keep calm, asking him all the time if he could breathe.

“I felt that I couldn’t think straight because I was so unwell myself at the time too. Amy was crying.”

The Gogglebox star went on to say she “monitored” her husband’s oxygen levels with the help of NHS helpline operator.

“I’ve never been so afraid,” she added.

Jonathan and Nikki share their home with daugther Amy and son Josh, who also featured on the Channel 4 reality show.

The family all contracted the deadly virus, but are said to be on the mend. 

“I feel a bit safer than before because now we’ve had it and hopefully we have some immunity,” she added.

“So many other families are going through stuff that’s even worse. Our thoughts are with them.”

A spokesperson for the family has since said Jonathan is on the road to recovery.

They told the MailOnline: “I can confirm that the Tapper family all contracted Covid-19.

“We are really pleased to say the family are better – Jonathan is at the very end of his recovery and is now taking it easy.”

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