Gary Janettis The Prince trailer is upsetting to every royal fandom

Last year, we talked about Gary Janetti, the American “comedy writer” who used to be one of the writers on Family Guy. For several years, Janetti was “workshopping” a character on his Instagram, and that character was Prince George of Cambridge “saying” snide, racist, sexist and awful things about his family. Even more specifically, a “Prince George” character saying nasty sh-t about Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. HBO and Warner Bros liked what they saw of Janetti’s character and I assume the pitch for the show was a more cleaned-up version than what appeared on his Instagram. They gave him an animated show and Janetti promptly spent days/weeks cleaning up his Instagram and deleting the grossest and most racist posts.

Absolutely no one wanted this mess and I have no idea why HBO Max even went through with it, but here we are. Here’s the trailer for The Prince.

It just looks stupid and bad. It’s not even the Sussex stuff specifically for me, it just looks awful, disjointed and unconnected from reality. Apparently, the Keen Squad is now super-upset that Janetti is “lampooning” the entire royal family and not just Meghan. There’s a lot of “how dare he, the kids are off-limits!” Which is true, but why were they okay with his racism and sexism towards Meghan again?

— Carmen's Granddaughter (@CarmenGranddau1) July 29, 2021

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