Gabrielle Union Surprises Young Fan on Steve Harvey's Show: Watch

Gabrielle Union is giving a young girl an epic surprise! During an upcoming episode of Steve Harvey’s Facebook Watch series, STEVE on Watch, the 47-year-old actress shocks 10-year-old Kaylin by appearing virtually on the show to compliment her hair.

Kaylin went viral this summer after her aunt shared a video of her proudly showing off how she styled her hair. After seeing the video, Union, along with her longtime hairstylist, Larry Sims, were so impressed with Kaylin’s confidence that they wanted to surprise her on the show.

“We loved your video,” Union tells a speechless Kaylin. “It was so inspiring. It’s how we all want to feel when we wake up in the morning. You were like, ‘Yes! Yes! I am fly. I am here. I am beautiful. I’m perfect exactly as I am.’ We just wanted to celebrate you and come on and give you a virtual high five and a hug.”

“Also to your mom and your aunt, how you are affirming her — and in an extension affirming so many of us who have struggled with Euro-centric beauty ideals for so long, way too long. That time is over,” she continues. “We are all embracing our natural selves and the beauty that exists as we are. We just want to celebrate you guys. We’re so, so happy to meet you guys.”

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