Former palace aides think it’s ‘despicable’ that Duchess Meghan ‘played the race card’

Over the weekend, the Sunday Times reported that Buckingham Palace had called in a law firm to investigate whether the Duchess of Sussex had “bullied” aides in Kensington Palace. The whole “Meghan is a bully” story popped up in the week before the Sussexes’ interview with Oprah aired. It was just a really obvious character assassination with Jason Knauf and Prince William’s fingerprints all over it. They weren’t even hiding that fact. Buckingham Palace then sided with KP and announced that they would investigate, but don’t worry, they wouldn’t ask Meghan to participate in what they proudly claimed would be a completely one-sided inquiry. The fact that they hired a law firm for the inquiry is quite interesting, as is the fact that Meghan’s lawyers requested documents from Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and Clarence House. I was left with the impression that BP wants this mess off their plates.

Too bad that KP can’t figure out that their own clownery blew back in their faces and that most people – outside of the nasty little royal reporter circle – don’t believe any of the “bullying” claims made against Meghan. The Sun did a big story yesterday which carried no new information, it was just a melodramatic rehash of the devastating “human toll” Meghan’s bullying had on people, you know, because she sent some emails early in the morning, or suggested that they could do their jobs better. Then, yesterday, Daily Express reporter Richard Palmer tweeted this tread:

That briefing war between the two camps in the Sussexes v Royal Family dispute continues. Former aides and the Sussexes are furious. In the middle stands the Royal Household, which wants to shut down the debate and take the heat off the “institution” by making this about family.

Most journalists naturally don’t want to see it shut down. They want to get to the bottom of it, especially after Harry and Meghan made such disparaging and unsubstantiated comments about the UK public, the monarchy, and the media. It’s hard to see how this can be forgotten.

So Gayle King and any other friends blathering on is manna from heaven, let’s be honest. Likewise briefings from those who had the misfortune to work for the Sussexes and want to see their narrative challenged.

Make no mistake, there is real anger out there among staff and former staff who believe the claims made by Harry and Meghan are outrageous. One former senior aide speaking to the Daily Express said of Meghan: “It’s despicable that she’s played the race card.”

But just to stress, don’t mistake the individuals briefing for the palace. The palace wants to put a lid on this.

[From Richard Palmer’s Twitter]

“It’s despicable that she’s played the race card.” DESPICABLE, do you hear? There is a former senior aide from Kensington Palace who, after actively sabotaging Meghan for a year and gleefully participating in a hate campaign against a pregnant, suicidal woman, thinks it’s despicable for Meghan to suggest that much of the hate she got was motivated by racism. Those same people have taken pains to say that Meghan “didn’t know her place,” that she made white women cry with her mere existence, that they wouldn’t help her when her mental health was suffering.

Also: I lol’d at “It’s hard to see how this can be forgotten.” These salty white folks are literally going to carry a GRUDGE against Meghan for speaking about the racism she experienced. They’re mad at her for talking about how they racially abused her! It’s absolutely mind-blowing to see the British media, British establishment and British public process this sh-t in real time.

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