For Actress Sydney Sweeney, Sexiness “Isnt One-Dimensional”

Sydney Sweeney, who stars in Euphoria, and Parade, the buzzy undergarment brand, have teamed up to debut the retailer’s latest lingerie offering: an impeccably lush and silky mesh collection.

Sweeney, 23, stars in the new Donna Trope–lensed campaign that features the actress showing off an array of punchy-bright pieces from Parade’s new launch. Not only undeniably sexy, the sensual fare is sustainable and size inclusive as well. The new bralettes and coordinating panties are produced from certified recycled mesh that produces an ultra-lightweight, “nearly naked” feel. Sizes go from XS to 3XL, and include Support+ (sizing designed for people with smaller rib cages and larger breasts.) While the silky mesh bralettes come in three styles meant to flatter all bust shapes—triangle, scoop, and plunge—the coordinating panties are offered in high-rise cheeky, mid-rise thong, and new brief and boy short styles.

“Parade wants to redefine what it means to feel sexy. Sexiness isn’t one-dimensional—it’s self-expression, it’s depth, it’s confidence, it’s empowerment in your own skin,” Sweeney exclusively tells “Everyone is a real person with real feelings, and it’s amazing to work with a brand that celebrates self-love and sexiness by embracing exactly how and who we are. Day or night, we deserve to feel comfy and sexy, even if it’s just when sitting on the couch watching HGTV.”

Parade’s dedication to creating a more sustainable and size-inclusive undergarment industry was a determining factor for Sweeney’s decision to partner with the brand. She was also drawn to the playful, millennial aesthetic it’s become known for. “I absolutely fell in love with the creative for this collection. It’s sexy with a dash of comfort,” Sweeney adds.

For Parade cofounder and CEO Cami Téllez, selecting Sweeney to lead the brand’s first-ever celebrity-fronted campaign was a no-brainer. The actress exudes an organic confidence and ethos of self-love that resonates with Euphoria fans and her social media followers alike.

“We were so excited by Sydney Sweeney from Euphoria—her joyful self-expression and refreshing take on a new era of body image,” Téllez tells BAZAAR. “She evokes everything this collection stands for during this unique cultural moment.”


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