Ferrari Owned By Eddie Van Halen Up For Auction

A Ferrari once owned by Eddie Van Halen is set to be auctioned on Wednesday (July 22). The auction will be hosted at the East Coast auction house Gotta Have Rock And Roll.

“Here’s an opportunity of a lifetime to own something that belonged to Guitar God Eddie Van Halen,” the auction house website says.
“Imagine owning and driving Eddie Van Halen’s Ferrari! This is the ultimate collector’s item. The Ferrari is in excellent working condition.”

The registration and original renewal of the 2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello custom six-speed Ferrari are in Van Halen’s name, and the vehicle comes with a certificate of authenticity from the auction house.

The Ferrari is expected to fetch between $150,000 and $200,000, well above the minimum bid price of $125,000. The Ferraro was briefly owned by Van Halen in 2008. He sold it to a friend in 2009.

A few other Van Halen-related items, including a signed program from their 1979 tour, an autographed stage-used drumhead and the sleeveless t-shirt worn by drummer Alex Van Halen during the band’s 1978 “sparklers” photo session, are also listed to be auctioned.

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