Fans Think Ariana Grande Is Subtly Dissing Pete Davidson With This ‘Positions’ Lyric

Is Ariana Grande subtly shading Pete Davidson? Some fans believe so.

The 27-year-old “Break Free” singer dropped her hot new song “positions” on Friday (October 23), and fans are already trying to analyze all the lyrics to see how they might have double meanings.

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In the opening of the song, she sings “I’m just hoping I don’t repeat history.”

Some fans online believe that “repeat” was a play on words, as in “re-Pete,” and that there’s an intentionally long pause in between the syllables in “repeat.”

“wait wait wait. did ariana say ‘I’m just hopin I don’t re..PETE history” SHADY BITCH,” a user wrote.

“well idk if this is obvious but: when Ariana says: ‘Heaven sent you to me I’m just hopin’ I don’t re-PEAT history’ PEAT = PETE, and in pete davidson song she says: ‘Fell from the sky into my lap’ soo yeah that kinda relates i guess,” one fan wrote.

Ariana : I don’t re * long ass pause* peat (PETE) history,” another fan tweeted.

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