Eric Roberts Says Quarantine Has Strengthened His Marriage

Actor Eric Roberts says time spent at home during the pandemic has actually helped strengthen his marriage.

Eric’s wife is actress Eliza Roberts, who has appeared in iconic films such as National Lampoon’s Animal House and Dr. Who. The couple told Showbiz Cheat Sheet they’ve solidified their bond during the lockdown, while Eric shared how he’s been managing stress as someone in substance abuse recovery.

Eric recently starred in Inside the Rain, a movie about a young bipolar college student who ends up having to fight to stay at school after overdosing on pills. He plays Monty, a producer with a larger-than-life personality who helps the student create a film to defend himself to the college.

As someone in recovery, he can relate to the film’s material. Eric observed that stressful times can be triggering and shared how, with the help of his wife, he has not only maintained his sobriety but fortified his marriage.

Getting out of the house is important

Eric told Vanity Fair he struggled with addiction for years, peppered with moments of sobriety in between. “I’ve been a pothead all my life, with several sober breaks I refer to as binge sobriety,” he said. He appeared on Celebrity Rehab with support from Eliza, which became a springboard for sobriety.

Now, he turns to Eliza, especially on days when life gets too stressful. “I have a release valve in that I have a wife that is my best everything,” Eric shares. “And I can turn to my wife and say, ‘I’m having a hard time.’ And she’ll put me in the car and we’ll go for a drive up to Mulholland Drive. Get out there and look at the view. Get home and I’m fine again.”

“We have all kinds of things we do like that, personal, small things we can do when you get stressed out,” he says. When life gets too hard or strange, “We just do one of our little things and you have to talk about it. Get it planned out so the conversation is a ‘do.’ So, ‘Let’s go do this’ and you just gotta take care of each other.”

They’ve also spent more time on intimacy

Eric and Eliza are also having fun with close friend Dustin Wolff’s product The Rocket. The Rocket is a non-pharmaceutical answer to helping men resolve erectile dysfunction issues. The device uses low-intensity soundwave therapy to reduce plaque buildup and increase blood flow.

Eric has said he doesn’t have erectile dysfunction but joked about a moment he and Eliza recently had at home. “But here’s the deal, I have a little updating,” Eric dishes. He and Eliza were having a romantic evening but, “I had a little delay,” he says. “So we decided to have a little group session with The Rocket and about half an hour later … it wasn’t bad.”

The Rocket can be ordered online so men don’t deal with the embarrassment of inquiring in public. Eliza shared how men and women address issues in the bedroom differently. “Women get personal faster,” she says. “So shows like Sex and the City aren’t completely baseless. And with guys, there’s always this vernacular about performance.”

“So I think that there’s a lot more anxiety around this guy, you know? Right. Not to mention that we can fake it a lot more easily,” she laughs.

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