Eddie Izzard Identifies As Gender Fluid & Announces She Will Go By She/Her Pronouns

Eddie Izzard is trending on social media today for a powerful reason.

The 58-year-old British comic opened up in a new interview that they are now going by she and her pronouns after identifying as gender fluid.

During a sitting for Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist Of The Year, Eddie revealed she was embracing all the “facets that make her unique”, EW reported.

“I try to do things that I think are interesting, and this is the first program I’ve asked if I can be she and her. A little transition period,” Eddie shared with Curtis Holder, the artist whose painting won the competition.

She added, “Well it feels great, because people just assume that they just know me from before but I’m gender fluid. I just want to be based in girl mode from now on.”

Fans online are embracing Eddie‘s reevaluation and sharing their support.

Eddie‘s pronoun usage follows Elliot Page‘s announcement that he was transgender earlier in the month.

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