Ed Sheeran Arrives for Trial, Accused of Ripping off 'Let's Get It On'

Ed Sheeran is ready to get it on in court … the federal courthouse where a jury will decide if his Grammy-winning song “Thinking Out Loud” is a rip-off of a Marvin Gaye classic.

The singer arrived Tuesday morning at the Manhattan federal court Tuesday for his trial, and he’s expected to take the stand and testify.

sheeran courthouse

Ed strolling into court in a suit and tie caused a media frenzy … as you can see, the scene outside the courthouse looks like a circus, with tons of photogs and reporters.

In case you missed it, Sheeran was sued back in 2017 by the heirs of Ed Townsend, Marvin’s cowriter for the 1973 hit, “Let’s Get It On” — the suit accuses him of copying the soul classic for his massive 2014 ballad, “Thinking Out Loud.”

The case has finally made it to trial after multiple delays … and Ed’s among the witnesses expected to testify.

The suit involves the underlying musical composition of the 2 songs, so the jury is supposed to only focus on the melody, harmony and rhythm.

The trial is expected to last up to 2 weeks, and all eyes in the music industry will be watching.

Stay tuned …

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