Dua Lipa Drops ‘Levitating’ Remix Featuring Missy Elliott, Madonna

Dua Lipa has dropped a remix of the song “Levitating” featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott. The song was also produced by the Queen of Pop herself.

The new track is a sped-up version of the original, with Elliott having added a few verses of her own, while Lipa and Madonna infuse an ethereal quality to the song by harmonizing alongside one another.

“I jumped on the phone with her and we had a little talk and she really just does stuff that she really believes in, so that I felt it was such a massive compliment for me, for her to be so inspired by the remix and the track, and to want to be a part of it and be a part of this mixtape,” Lipa shared with Zane Lowe about the experience of collaborating with Madonna.

Meanwhile, the remixed version of her sophomore album, Club Future Nostalgia, from which the new song is taken, is slated to drop on Saturday, August 21, followed by a slew of animated music videos for each of the songs on the project, which also features Mark Ronson and Gwen Stefani, among others.

(Photo: Markus Pritzi)

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