Dr. Oz Facing Accusation from ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant After His Guest Hosting Gig

Dr. Oz is facing an accusation from a Jeopardy contestant who appeared on the show during the television personality’s guest hosting gig.

Emily Seaman, who was a Jeopardy winner while Dr. Oz hosted, told The Ringer about what happened behind the scenes. She says that she overheard him making fun of the contestants when they couldn’t get a question right.

“I heard him making fun of it to one of the producers. Like, ‘I can’t believe they didn’t get this one.’ I was like, cool, bro, let’s see you do this,” she said. “It was just odd. I don’t think he likes Jeopardy!

Dr. Oz actually has appeared on the show as a contestant. He was on the show back in 2012!

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