Donald Trump is going to speak every night of the four-day Republican convention

Donald Trump spent the weekend before the Republican National Convention golfing at one of his properties. In America, there are more than 176,000 coronavirus deaths, but Trump has barely missed a tee time. He wasn’t content to merely golf – he also spread misinformation about mail-in ballots:

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 23, 2020

Donald Trump votes by absentee ballot. A lot of Republicans do. Sometimes, I actually wonder if Trump is hurting himself by discouraging ALL people from voting absentee.

As for the RNC, I’m not looking forward to covering it at all. The 2016 RNC was famously dysfunctional, and all the Republican speakers made America sound like a sh-thole because we had (at the time) a Black president. Now that we are actually living in Trump’s Dystopian America, I can only imagine how f–king dark the GOP’s vision will actually be during the RNC. The messages will be simple: black people are coming to get you, everything bad in your life is because of Barack Obama, and Trump is God. The people enforcing those messages will mostly be people within the Trump family:

— Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) August 22, 2020

How will Mother’s Husband speak at the RNC yet Mother is not allowed to? And where are all of the Republicans running for re-election? LMAO. I guess they don’t want to be closely associated with the Trump fam?

Anyway, the RNC is going to be a debacle – the Democrats had all of the Hollywood people on their side, so of course they were able to pull together a surprisingly great, well-produced virtual convention. Who will work on the RNC? According to the New York Times, there are some former Apprentice producers working on it. LMAO. The Times also says that Donald Trump is “expected to speak every night in the 10 p.m. hour.” OMG. Desperado Don thinks he’s the best messenger for Trumpland Dystopia so here we are. Sources tell the Times that Trump “wants the opportunity to rebut charges made against him throughout the Democratic program, aides said, particularly on his handling of the coronavirus crisis.” Again, there are 176,000 Americans dead from the virus. And he golfed this weekend. Trump also promised that more of the RNC would happen live (as opposed to pretaped packages), which also means more opportunities for absolute catastrophes.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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