Donald Trump Complains About Cold Weather After Joe Biden Spoke in the Pouring Rain (Photos)

It seems like Donald Trump can’t handle the cold weather, despite his supporters standing outside in freezing temperatures for a chance to see him.

The President of the United States was seen making disgusted faces as he battled the cold weather during a campaign rally on Sunday (November 1) in Washington Township, Mich.

“That wind is pouring in as I’m talking … (it) is pouring up the mouth,” Trump said at one point, according to MSN. The outlet says that he “repeatedly mentioned the cold” during his one-hour speech.

Just days earlier, Joe Biden was in Florida for a campaign speech and the rain started to pour down on him while he was on stage.

“I’m running as a proud Democrat, but — guess what? It’s starting to rain, I’m going to shorten this for y’all,” Biden said near the end of his speech while cutting the event short out of safety for everyone. He did not appear bothered by the weather at all though!

There have been many reports this week about Trump supporters being stranded at rally locations for hours, in freezing weather, as there have not been enough shuttle buses to bring people back to their cars.

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