Did You Know Jordin Sparks Actually Wrote This Ariana Grande Song?

Jordin Sparks opened up about a huge hit song she wrote that catapulted Ariana Grande‘s music career.

The 30-year-old singer shared that she co-wrote the 2013 song “The Way”, which also features the late Mac Miller.

“Here’s something you might not know about me…I wrote ‘The Way’ w/ @sevyn & @igetpoints to an amazing track made by @harmonysamuels and inspired by Big Pun and @therealjoethomas song, ‘Still Not A Player.’ (IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO JOE IS YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON AMAZING R&B IN YOUR LIFE!),” Jordin wrote on Instagram.

“It was originally for my 3rd album when I started working on it in 2013. These pics are from when I won a BMI Award for the song. What a beautiful moment to remember and I was honored to be recognized for it. It was one of the top songs of the year! You guys know it by the incomparable @arianagrande feat @macmiller. (RIP🙏🏽) It was exciting to see her take it to the stratosphere! @arianagrande love you girl and I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. 💕,” she added.

Jordin also shared video footage of her vocals on the song, and singing along to it. Check it out below!

“truuuuust me when I say I wanted it. I played this at the start of all my other sessions to show what direction I was headed. But, honestly, I’m not trippin. Ari is amazing and if it wasn’t going to be me, I’m glad it was her!” Jordin added.

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