Dick Strawbridge: Escape To The Chateau star sparks airport search with toothbrush not AXE

Escape to the Chateau: Dick jokes about ‘naked dishwashing’

Dick Strawbridge was carrying an axe and skinning knives when he was pulled to one side at an airport. But the Escape To The Chateau favourite said it was his electric toothbrush that had sparked worries.

Security searched it – not for the axe, boning and skinning knives inside

Dick Strawbridge

The 61-year-old’s travel staple had “gone off” before a flight, causing some confusion.

The Channel 4 regular has detailed what happened in a new interview, as she shared items of significance at his restored home in France.

The father-of-four was seen in his haven – the kitchen – at the now famous Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson.

One of which was a strapping backpack, which Dick confirmed was almost six decades old.

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He first acquired it while shooting for the National Geographic Channel over five years ago.

The star ran into trouble while travelling for show, Dirty Rotten Survival.

The programme saw him, builder Johnny Littlefield and survival expert Dave Canterbury team up.

The trio were on a mission to reinvent the great American road trip and in each state they were given an outdoor challenge and a limited set of tools.

“You need money to keep a chateau going, so I did the Dirty Rotten Survival series for the National Geographic Channel in 2015,” Dick stated.

The British engineer continued: “Going through the swamps of Louisiana, looking for gold in Oregon, and being a lumberjack in Washington State.

“This army-issue Swiss rucksack made with cotton and nettle fibres is nearly 60 years old and was with me the whole way.”

The ex lieutenant colonel went on to dicuss one embarassing moment during their globe-trotting.

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Dick recalled to the Daily Mail: “Before one flight, security searched it – not for the axe, boning and skinning knives inside…

“But actually because my electric toothbrush had gone off.”

Other items highlighed by him were a wedding photo, a first edition Mrs Beeton book, a treasured chest and a walking stick.

Escape To The Chateau first aired in June 2016, a year after Dirty Rotten Survival.

Prior to the reality show, Dick had appeared in Scrapheap Challenge and Junkyard Wars, winning the trophy in series three.

It’s Not Easy Being Green, Planet Mechanics and Coast followed.

Often referring to himself as a “telly tart”, Dick also fronted The Hungry Sailors and Saturday Farm.

However it is Escape To The Chateau he best known for, in which he appears alongside second wife Angel Adoree and their two children: Arthur, eight, and seven-year-old Dorothy.

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