Demi Lovato's New Butterfly Neck Tattoo Holds a Special Meaning for Her

Demi Lovato’s stunning tattoo collection just got a brand new addition! Based on Demi’s past few ink sessions, it seems like this year is dedicated to adorning her neck with new designs.

In December, Demi got “survivor” in script at the base of her neck, which is likely a nod to all that she’s overcome in her life. And in February, she went into the tattoo shop without a clear idea of what she wanted to illustrate her spiritual awakening. The result: A breathtaking fallen angel held up by three doves that represent the Holy Trinity on the back of her neck.

Her latest neck design is just like the others and also has a beautiful meaning behind it. Yesterday, Demi posted her new design, which looks to be a butterfly, and wrote, “Dear little me, I’m sorry that it took so long but baby your [sic] free..🥰☺️💖”

It’s clear that the butterfly, which calls to mind a free spirit and a constant state of evolving, is about Demi’s growth through the years. (It’s also similar to the flock of birds that she has on her forearm that symbolize freedom.)

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You probably already clocked it, but while describing how the tattoo symbolizes being free, Demi accidentally used the wrong “you’re.” So as she replied to her friends and followers who expressed their love for her and her new ink, she joked, “You’re* but just to annoy the grammar police out there my caption is not changing ☺️😂.” Hey, at least she didn’t get a misspelled tattoo!

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