Demi Lovato Source Shoots Down Engagement Rumors

Rumors are starting to swirl about Demi Lovato and new boyfriend Max Ehrich being engaged.

The new couple just recently confirmed their relationship after the two were spotted quarantining together during the shut down.

Just weeks later, rumors started to pop up about the two getting engaged, however, a source is shooting them down.

“The engagement rumors are not true,” the source shared with E! News. “It’s still early in the relationship and Demi and Max are enjoying just getting to know each other.”

However, Max and Demi‘s relationship is off to a really good start.

“Max is very much in love with Demi and is infatuated with her,” another source shared. “Max has basically already moved into Demi’s house and everything has been going really well. They are always joking and laughing all day long, keeping each other entertained.”

If you missed it, Demi recently called Max an angel on social media.

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