Dan Walker: BBC host sacked from talkSPORT despite apology ‘They didn’t believe me’

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BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker has spoken candidly about his career in television and radio, as the presenter addressed his time working for talkSPORT. The dad-of-three claimed he lasted just three days into his role at the network, before getting “sacked”.

Dan explained how it all came about and how he “apologised profusely” after he arrived at the job an hour and a half late.

The presenter revealed there had been a terrorist incident, which resulted in him being absent from his broadcast.

The BBC host admitted it happened in the early part of his career when he was on a two-week contract with the network in his early 20s.

He commented: “I’ve only ever been sacked from one job. This was years ago when I was 20 or something.

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“I got sacked by talkSPORT on the third day in the job. There was a terrorist incident in London – a bomb scare.

“I was living in Liverpool at the time and I had to drive down every day.”

He went on: “On the third day, I was driving and the police came in front of me and said the road was closed.

“I was an hour and a half late for the programme.”

Dan revealed the controller didn’t “believe him” after he offered an explanation and apology for his lateness.

The police eventually cleared the road and he was able to get to work.

“The controller phoned me up the next morning and said, ‘Don’t bother coming in today. You’re sacked,'” Dan recalled.

He chuckled: “I was supposed to be on-air at 7am but got there at 7.45am.


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“They had already done 45 minutes of the programme which I apologised for profusely.”

Despite his work fail, Dan has gone on to have a long-standing career in television, fronting BBC Breakfast, Football Focus and, more recently, The NFL Show.

The TV anchor has said he has no plans to leave Breakfast after nearly half a decade.

“If you told me when I started that I would be doing four and a half years, I would have gone, ‘Don’t be daft,'” Dan admitted, before adding: “But I really enjoy it.”

“I love working with Louise [Minchin], I love the mornings and I love the challenge.”

Dan became a regular fixture on the news programme after Bill Turnbull left the show in 2015.

Meanwhile, the BBC host has released his new book Remarkable People: Extraordinary Stories of Everyday Lives where he recounts inspiring stories of people that he has met throughout his long-standing career.

The presenter shines a light on those people who have shown selflessness and provided courage, even during challenging times.

Remarkable People: Extraordinary Stories of Everyday Lives is available for purchase now.

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