Dakota Johnson Lied to Her Fans About Loving Limes & She Just Confessed!

Dakota Johnson is fessing up to lying to her fans last year!

The 31-year-old actress appeared in a video for Architectural Digest back in March 2020, for which she gave a tour of her Los Angeles home.

In the video, there were two bowls of limes sitting on her kitchen counter and she pointed them out during the tour. Dakota said, “I love limes, I love them. They’re great. I love them so much and I like to present them like this in my house.”

Now, over 10 months later, she’s revealing that it was all a lie.

Dakota appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week to promote her new movie Our Friend and she revealed she’s actually allergic to limes.

“I’m actually allergic to limes. I’m mildly allergic to limes and honeydew melon,” Dakota said, adding that they make her tongue itch.

Turns out, someone else got Dakota‘s home ready for the tour and placed those limes on the counter.

“I actually didn’t even know they were in there. I was giving the tour and went into the kitchen and it was set dressing,” she said. “It was hard to just ignore them, so I just lied. I went the full opposite direction.”

Dakota no longer lives in that house either!

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