Countryfile star Helen Skelton details touch and go moment with lamb before live broadcast

Helen Skelton struggles as goat stands on her back

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This Week On The Farm presenter Helen Skelton, 37, has addressed a touch-and-go moment while filming a live episode of the Channel 5 favourite. Speaking exclusively to, the star opened up about the distressing time a lamb was born and couldn’t breathe minutes before the start of a live broadcast of the farm show.

It wasn’t breathing, I didn’t know if it was going to live

Helen Skelton

Speaking about her love for the farming show, the star opened up about the problem while filming the first live episode of a new series.

After addressing the ups and downs of presenting live TV, the Yorkshire native recalled the moment.

She said: “[On] the first episode of On The Farm I was expecting to do this link, but then they were like, ‘There’s a lamb being born!'”

Following a childhood growing up on a rural farm, the presenter ran over to give the ewe a helping hand.

“So I had to run over and help birth this lamb,” she revealed.

“It wasn’t breathing, I didn’t know if it was going to live,” the star continued.

“We were like, ‘Oh my God, we don’t want to start a brand new series with a lamb being born and it not surviving!'” Helen exclaimed.

However, the star revealed that thankfully the lamb survived and the start of the series went off without a hitch.

She continued: “Thankfully I managed to help pull it out of its mum when it was born.”

Despite the unpredictability of live TV, the star went on to gush over her love of filming live.

She said: “Things constantly go wrong, llamas spit at you, goats eat your hair, sheep go into labour, everything goes wrong.

“It’s all on live telly and it’s unpredictable, you never know what’s going to happen, it’s not a TV studio, it’s a farm”, she added.

However, in spite of the increased risk of making mistakes live on air, Helen revealed that she gets a “buzz” from filming.

“I love that kind of telly, people always say, ‘I could never do live’, but live [TV] is so much more fun because it doesn’t matter if it goes wrong because that’s the beauty of it.

“Nothing is polished and perfect and I love it, I get a buzz from it,” she added.

The star went on to reveal that she doesn’t see her presenting role on the farming show as work.

“It’s not work, is it really? Being around lambs and goats being born and stuff,” she explained.

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