Chrissy Teigen’s Latest Childhood Photos Look Like Zendaya & Luna At The Same Time

Everyone knows Luna and Miles are Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s mini-mes. Apart from having similar-looking smiles and eyes, the kids inherited their parents’ overall sense of humors. It’ll definitely be interesting to see if Luna and Miles will appear more like them as they get older. If you haven’t noticed, Teigen has another doppelganger in the world and she’s equally as famous: Zendaya. Chrissy Teigen’s latest childhood photos look like Zendaya and Luna at the same time and it’s blowing fans’ minds.

Teigen is always sharing photos and videos of her family on Instagram, and every time she posts snaps of Luna and Miles, fans can’t help but compare them to their parents. The kids are Teigen and Legend’s spitting images, so when the Cravings author shared some throwback photos on her IG Story, fans looked at the pics side by side with photos of Luna to see how similar the mother-and-daughter duo really are.

Lately, Teigen has been sporting a bun these days while at home, but in the first childhood photo she shared, the model showed off some pretty bangs and a short bob. "OLD PHOTO TIME," Teigen captioned the first snap, which appeared to be a school photo.

Take a look below.

Teigen then shared another photo of herself at Disneyland with that same short hairstyle. The pic is a total candid shot showing Teigen looking stunning while walking around the amusement park just casually eating a piece of candy. "DISNEYLAND F*CK YEAH," Teigen wrote.

In her third photo, Teigen held some flowers while visiting a Temple.

The fourth photo shows her at a much younger age with her classic "crooked smile."

Finally, the fourth photo has Teigen showing off her "home perm."

Of course, fans had a lot to say about the photos. Apart from comparing her with Luna, fans had to do a double take because they believed she looked just like Zendaya.

Here is a current picture of Zendaya for comparison:

And here is a childhood photo of her:

Teigen and Luna need to meet Zendaya so fans can look at the three side by side. If that ever happens, that meetup will be epic.

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