Chrissy Teigen Is Making an Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls Recipe for Her Next Cookbook & It Looks Amazing!

Chrissy Teigen might be on vacation right now for the New Year’s holiday, but she’s still busy working!

The 35-year-old chef and television personality is working on recipes for her cookbook and she is currently trying to perfect her new apple pie cinnamon rolls recipe.

“Book recipe 98/100 – apple pie cinnamon rolls. wanna finish the book before I get hommmmme!!” Chrissy wrote on Twitter.

On her Instagram Stories, Chrissy gave a step-by-step look at the making of the cinnamon rolls and her daughter Luna even helped out!

After the cinnamon rolls were completed, Chrissy revealed that she thinks they are perfect, except for the icing.

“I’m doing them again tomorrow because the icing has bourbon in it and since I didn’t cook it, it’s a very strong flavor of bourbon. I don’t love bourbon flavor honestly. I wouldn’t do the cream cheese with the bourbon, it’s too tart. The cinnamon roll is perfect. The dough is perfect. The texture is perfect. The apple filling is perfect. It’s the icing where I went wrong and I’m dumb. I iced all three trays instead of just testing on one,” Chrissy said. After calling herself dumb, Luna chimed in to tell her mom that she’s not dumb. Aw!

The next day, Chrissy tested out the recipe with brown butter icing.

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