Chrissy Teigen Gets Cruelly Body Shamed on Twitter But Has an Empowering Answer to Trolls

Chrissy Teigen may have earned her fame as a model, but she’s also a warrior for body-positivity. After marrying John Legend, and having two gorgeous babies, the 31-year-old has repeatedly proven that real women are beautiful, stretch-marks and all. Online trolls sometimes disagree with Teigen’s accepting attitude, but she always has the best clap-backs. And her recent posting of a “thirst-trap” video proved this once again.  

Chrissy Teigen jokes about being a ‘thirst-trap’ in recent video

The last few years have seen Teigen build a huge social media presence. She often entertains her followers with witty postings, and proves that she’s not afraid to be real, like the time she uploaded a picture of herself devouring a can of cheese-whiz. 

Recently, she joked about the “thirst-trap” trend, a title given to photos that are obviously posted to make others “thirsty,” or just generally seeking attention and compliments. Teigen uploaded a short video of herself on Twitter, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, in a low-cut black swimsuit. She captioned the post: “don’t get trapped.”

While most of her fans were supportive and loved the clip, others weren’t so nice. Numerous people commented on her appearance in a negative way. 

“Saggy pancake flops,” one person wrote. 

Several mean comments focused on her straight figure. “Shaped like sponge bob lol,” one person wrote, indicating her lack of curves. 

One person even had the audacity to comment on her marriage. “John Legend gotta be cheating,” they wrote.

Unfortunately for that mean-spirited person, anyone paying attention knows that Legend thinks his wife is beautiful and is always very supportive of her. 

Chrissy Teigen’s empowering response to body-shaming trolls

Of course, Teigen wasn’t about to let all those negative comments fly. In response to all the trolls criticizing her figure, she wrote: “Everyone used to….surgically enhanced curves. I’ve been a square my whole life and let me tell you, it’s paid off nicely in many ways!”

Fans loved her response. But that wasn’t all she had to say. Teigen also posted another comment a short time later. “Imagine if one day I showed up with hips and an ass. Ooooo you guys would be pissed then too! I’m happy, John’s happy, we all happy and doing a-okay!” she wrote. 

A woman should never have to defend herself for feeling beautiful and confident. However, we’re glad that Teigen is courageous enough to stand up to all the haters. Hopefully, anyone struggling with body-image will see her response and become inspired to love themselves the way they are. 

The Good Place actress, Jameela Jamil saw Teigen’s video and immediately posted her support. “I loved the video. Didn’t see a shape. Just saw fire,” she wrote. Honestly, Jamil’s response is the way everyone should be viewing the video. 

Chrissy Teigen had to learn to love herself

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While Teigen is all about body-positivity now, she didn’t always think that way. In an interview with Glamour UK, Teigen opened up about how she spent “decades” criticizing her body. 

“I used to weigh myself every morning, afternoon and night,” she said. “I knew what the scales would say after each meal. I did that for eight years and had this one weight I wanted to be at.”

Fortunately, the birth of her children, Luna and Miles, taught her to really appreciate her body. In addition, she’s finally reached a point in her career where she’s successful, and she has a loving marriage. As Teigen pointed out, it’s pointless to focus on what you want to change about your body, when everything else about life is so great. 

“When you are happy in other aspects of your life, you care less about it,” she said. “When I see my crazy, weird smile and my teeth being too big for my mouth, I see it as showing genuine emotion and happiness, so I don’t see it as a negative thing any more.”

We’re so glad Teigen made this realization, because her witty responses on Twitter are so much fun, and inspiring for other women. 

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