Chrissy Teigen Allegedly Told Michael Costello He 'Might as Well Be Dead'

Chrissy Teigen may have recently apologized for her past history of mean tweets and inappropriate behavior on Twitter, but it seems that the backlash against the cookbook writer is far from over. Recently Project Runway alum and designer, Michael Costello, alleged that the mom of two had bullied him extensively back in 2014 and deliberately sabotaged his career over the past several years.

Costello is hardly the first person to call Teigen out. After Courtney Stodden did an interview recalling Teigen’s tweets telling them to “take a dirt nap” and direct messages encouraging them to kill themselves, people quickly pointed out that Teigen had a history of problematic tweets. Critics recalled that the Cravings author called a then 9-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis cocky. Farrah Abraham also revealed that Teigen had some pretty harsh things to say about her also.

Chrissy Teigen received backlash after her old tweets resurfaced

Not too long after Teigen began trending for the things she’d tweeted about Stodden, she issued an apology to them via Twitter claiming that she’d also reached out to them personally. However, Stodden revealed that they were never contacted by Teigen and, in fact, Teigen had blocked them on Twitter. Naturally, this revelation added fuel to the fire, but the former model remained silent about the situation until she released a lengthy post on Medium on June 14, 2021.

The cookbook writer issued an apology on Medium

Michael Costello speaks out about his history with Teigen on Instagram

Teigen also revealed that she was in the process of reaching out to the people she harmed. However, it seems that she hasn’t yet gotten around to Costello. Shortly after Teigen’s apology the fashion designer took to his Instagram page and informed his 1.4 million followers that Teigen’s alleged bullying throughout the years had lead to suicidal thoughts. He shared that Teigen targeted him after seeing a photoshopped photo created by a former disgruntled employee that made it seem like he utilized a racial slur. However, when he tried to explain this to Teigen, she was unreceptive.

“Chrissy, I’ve never called anyone the n word,” reads a direct message from Costello to Teigen. “Those fake images were photoshopped from a former disgruntled employee.” The cookbook writer allegedly responded, “Good luck with that lmao hope that story keeps your already dead career going.” Continuing on, Costello shared that it was a fake story and Teigen’s negative comment only added fuel to the fire to which Teigen allegedly responded back, “Good! Racist people like you deserve to suffer and die. You might as well be dead. Your career is over, just watch.”

Thus far, Teigen has not responded to Costello publicly. Only time will tell if she will. However, if these claims are true, Costello certainly needs to be on the cook’s list of people to apologize to.

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