Chrissy Teigen Accused Of Pushing Singer Dencia ‘TWICE’ At 2016 Grammys & Yanking Phone From Her Assistant’s Hands!

There’s a fresh round of accusations being made about Chrissy Teigen — and they certainly do not help her already damaged image.

In an interview with The Sun, Dencia accused the 35-year-old personality of pushing the Cameroonian singer twice at the 2016 Grammy Awards. She claimed Teigen became “aggressive over a misunderstanding” at the prestigious music event, saying:

“My assistant at the time took his phone out to record a video of me as I walked the carpet. Chrissy literally yanked his phone out of his hand and said, ‘Don’t record me!’”

Oh, Chrissy… That’s really not a good look if the allegations are true.

Dencia asserted that the momma of two wasn’t in the shots at all and didn’t know who she even was at the time. The best friend of Blac Chyna then alleged that Teigen “pushed” her when she arrived on the red carpet and “pushed” her again a couple of minutes later:

“She pushed me when I got off the carpet after them! I almost fell flat on my face.”

These new accusations come amid Chrissy’s growing online bullying controversy in which she once told Courtney Stodden to die by suicide in past tweets. The Cravings author also faces backlash from several other resurfaced incidents, involving Lindsay Lohan, Farrah Abraham, Quvenzhané Wallis, and more. It wasn’t until all of the fiascos came to light that Dencia realized she had been a victim of bullying as well, explaining:

“I just never thought of it as something, but … I saw her bully people online and was like, ‘Damn!’ She’s just a mean-spirited human. Everyone who has known me since 2016 knows the story because since then, I’ve never liked her.”

Ultimately, she believed John Legend, who allegedly witnessed the interaction, should have stopped his wife’s behavior at the end of the day:

“My thing is, John literally witnessed it. He could have told her to chill, but he didn’t say s**t. He was right there with her.”

And the performer had no problem telling him exactly that on Twitter on Friday. ICYMI, the 42-year-old songwriter hopped on social media to break his silence over the recent bullying claims from Project Runway star Michael Costello, writing:

“Chrissy apologized for her public tweets, but after her apology, Mr Costello fabricated a DM exchange between them. This exchange was made up, completely fake, never happened. Honestly I don’t know why anyone would fake DMs to insert themselves in this narrative, but that’s what happened.”

Let’s just say Dencia is still not Team Legend as she later quote-tweeted:

“Lol, 2016 Chrissy pushed me & was just mean to my assistant right in front of u on the Grammys Red carpet, u didn’t say anything & u witnessed it. Maybe she’s nice 2 u but mean 2 others. Hopefully the Dms are really fake but y will someone fake those?”

It’s like watching a trainwreck on repeat, Perezcious readers! And we honestly don’t know when it will all stop. Reactions to the latest accusations? Let us know in the comments (below).

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