Chris Hemsworth Crashes Live Australian TV Morning Show To HIGHlariously Read The Weather!

We can’t imagine anything more shocking than going out on location for your morning weather report, turning the camera on and broadcasting live to viewers across the country, and then having Chris Hemsworth walk into your shot!

That’s exactly what happened to Australia’s The Today Show meteorologist Lauren Phillips the other day when she got the shock of her life while doing a live report from Scone, Australia for the popular morning show.

As co-anchors Richard Wilkins and Rebecca Maddern tossed it to Phillips live on air, she began to report the nation’s weather while overlooking a picturesque horse farm in the area… only to have the God Of Thunder suddenly waltz into the shot behind her! Wait, what the F**K?!

Phillips teed it up perfectly, too, relaying this to the hosts back in the studio (below) right as Hemsworth walked into the frame:

“I’m in the horse capital of Australia, but I have yet to find a horse, so I thought I should open it up to one of the horse studs.”

LOLz!!! Such a stud, indeed!

As you can see (below), the hunky Hemsworth was game to riff with Phillips for more than four minutes on air, shocking Wilkins and Maddern back in the studio and firing off some hilarious quips of his own:

Love it! Always wonderful when a huge, world-renowned celeb walks onto a local morning show and is game to have some fun with it!

It became clear the meteorologist was in on the joke as the viral moment progressed, too. She apparently managed to keep Hemsworth’s presence a secret from producers and studio execs, as she noted while telling the show’s studio hosts:

“I did tell the guys back in the studio that we were having an interview with someone back here. They thought it was going to be a horse. So I reckon I pulled this one off and I’ve done a little better than them thinking I was going to find a rogue horse to interview.”

So clever! But… didn’t she kind of technically find a rogue horse in Hemsworth, anyways? Just saying! LOLz!

And while Phillips may feel like she’s destined to lose her job after the Avengers star rattled off the weather report like a veteran, something tells us the A-list film star isn’t likely to become a meteorologist! Even if he does have a good grasp on the geography of Australia! Ha!!

What’d U think of the HIGHlarious clip, Perezcious readers?! Seriously, wasn’t it the best to watch studio hosts Wilkins and Maddern’s jaws drop and hit the proverbial floor right as Chris showed up?? Such a great reaction! Sound OFF about all of this with your take, down in the comments section (below)!!!

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