Chris Evans and His Brother, Scott, Aced Jimmy Fallon's Bro Challenge, Because Duh

On Thursday’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon put Chris Evans and his brother, Scott, to the ultimate test: a family-friendly version of the popular couples challenge aptly named the “bro couples challenge.” The Evans boys are no strangers to a test of their brotherly love, as the last time the pair were on the show, they were quizzed on each other’s most embarrassing stories.

Before the challenge started, Jimmy asked what it was like spending time together and whether or not they missed LA, to which Scott and Chris answered that they “felt like kids again” because “oh my God whiffle ball is a big thing right now.” The challenge consisted of two rounds, with only a few questions causing the brothers to pause, particularly who was better at whiffle ball (hint, it wasn’t Chris). Watch the full video above to see what Scott and Chris were like growing up, who has the stronger Neil Diamond vibes, and their showering habits.

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