Chris Cuomo & NY Governor Brother Andrew’s Latest Interview Includes Embarrassing Throwback Photo

Brothers Chris Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo‘s latest interview will have you really relating to it.

During the interview, the CNN anchor New York Governor Andrew on to discuss his “Who are you you staying home for” campaign and fans quickly picked up on the sibling teasing and couldn’t get enough of it.

“The whole campaign is dedicated to my mother, and I said that first thing this morning when I posted my picture,” Andrew shared about the campaign at one point.

“Oh, you’re staying home for your mom, too? Isn’t it weird though after I just said it?” Chris asked.

“No, I went first. I had my press conference doing it for my mother,” Andrew replied. “I had my picture this morning, while you were still sleeping, and I showed it at my press conference. She was my mother first, by the way.”

Later on, Chris took the opportunity to share a throwback embarrassing photo of Andrew.

“Take that picture down. Take the picture down,” Andrew told Chris. “There are no words. Three minutes is up.”

“I love you very much. Thank you for coming on this show, thank you for keeping my spirits up and thank you for what you’re doing for this state,” Chris told him.

“Oh, I’d like to say it was my pleasure, but it wasn’t,” Andrew joked, before ending the interview.

Their exchanges went on and fans on social media were loving all of it.

“Anytime governor Cuomo and his brother Chris show up in my feed I instantly click. Love these too,” one fan wrote on YouTube.

Another added, “This whole dialogue put the biggest smile on my face and made me laugh at the pic. Sibling rivalry is priceless!😂”

You can watch all of their interviews together and about each other below!

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