Chelsea Houska: Secretly Pregnant With Her Fourth Child?!

Believe it or not, none of the Teen Moms is more popular on social media than Chelsea Houska.

In fact, with 5.7 million followers on Instagram, Chelsea has the largest online fanbase by a wide margin.

(For reference, her Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer have 3.8 and 2.3 million followers, respectively.)

That news may come as a shock to many fans, not because Chelsea is less well-liked than her co-stars, but because she lives a quieter, more drama-free existence.

Usually, a life of domestic contentment doesn’t lead to reality TV superstardom, but Chelsea is that rare example of someone who attracts viewers not because her problems make them feel better about their own, but because her life gives them something to aspire to.

Chelsea lost followers by the thousands last month when she neglected to comment on the police murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests that followed.

But it was a rare slip-up for Houska, and fans were forgiving when she apologized and attempted to rectify the situation.

Her numbers quickly started inching back upward, which is good, because Chelsea makes a ton of money from Instagram — more than $60,000 a year by one estimate.

And that’s why it’s so surprising that Houska has essentially disappeared from the site in recent weeks.

Don’t get us wrong, she still pops up occasionally, but in the past six weeks she’s only posted twice — pretty infrequent, especially when you consider that Chelsea earns more from the site than most people get paid in a year.

It’s worth noting that those two posts consisted of a photo of her son Layne, and a closeup shot that only shows Chelsea from the neck up.

Interestingly, the decline in activity occurred right around the time that fans began to theorize that Chelsea is hiding a baby bump.

At first, the rumors seemed absurd — after all, why would Chelsea keep the joyous news of her pregnancy from the public?

But some fans think they know why she might be holding off on making an announcement.

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The most common theory is that Chelsea is simply waiting until her second trimester, which is a common practice.

In fact, it’s unusual for famous women to go public with the news of a pregnancy until they reach their third or fourth month.

Another theory is that Chelsea is hoping to earn more cash from sponsored content deals before she puts her modeling career on hold for a few months, but that seems unlikely.

After all, she and husband Cole DeBoer have both been earning six-figure salaries from MTV for several years now.

We think they can manage without her Instagram cash for a few months.

Whatever the case, as far as we can tell, this is the longest that Chelsea has gone without posting a full-body shot, which is especially strange since we’re in the middle of summer.

In years past, both Chelsea and Cole have delighted in showing off their toned abs in swimwear this time of year.

But hey, she could have a number of reasons for staying more covered up than usual.

So if Chelsea is pregnant, we offer our heartiest congratulations — and if she just doesn’t feel like reading troll-ish comments from people who want to point that she’s packed on some quarantine pounds, we can definitely relate!

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