Chelsea Houska: Is She Really Selling Out Her Daughter on Instagram?

Chelsea Houska loves her daughter.

No one really doubts that.

But the veteran Teen Mom 2 star is now taking heat from some corners of the Internet because some folks believe she also loves to make money of her daughter.

On her Instagram page last week, Chelsea posted a number of picture of 11-year old Aubree, using these images to promote her DIFF Charitable Eyewear.

Houska and her husband, Cole, have a special collection with the eyewear company.

Which is fine and dandy and great and all. No reason why the reality stars shouldn’t use their platform to earn some money, right?

But the part about including a child in ads for this side hustle? This is the part not sitting well with a number of critics.

“Ugh, I don’t approve of Aubree’s puberty as marketing,” wrote one person on Reddit late last week, adding:

“If my mom made an ad campaign of me at this age I would hate her forever.”

Said another:

“If Chelsea was being marketed and exploited by her mom during her most formative and sensitive years, she would hate her mother.

“I’m willing to bet Aubree will grow to resent Chelsea so much and will treat Chelsea exactly how Chelsea treats her mom.”

Houska has even gone as far as to name something business-related after her first-born.

“Say hello to… Aubree Says,” Chelsea wrote as a caption to the photo immediately above.

“I’ve been working on my very own home goods line and I’m so excited to announce it’s HERE! Follow @aubree.says for more.”

Some might see this as flattering. As you can tell, though, others do not.

“Chelsea doesn’t give a sh-t about what Aubree thinks though does she. Money and likes. Money and likes,” an especially harsh hater said in response to these pictures.

Houska hasn’t commented directly on these attacks.

But she’s also been accused of exploiting Audrey on Teen Mom 2 by centering her storylines on basically anything having to do with her daughter.

Viewers sometimes think that Houska far too often turns what ought to be private moments for Audree into public events.

How does Chelsea feel about this kind of criticism?

Or even about the actual criticism she received for showing photos of her and Cole’s new house, which is currently under construction?

The reality star is more than happy to tell you.

Just be prepared to feel her wrath.

“The whole point is that it sure isn’t going to be for everybody, but it is for US,” Chelsea responded to a negative comment about the aforementioned abode, adding:

“I encourage people to make bold decisions they love and not worry about other opinions.”

Amen, Chelsea!

Among those bold decisions?

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Houska is pregnant with her fourth child!

And we wish her nothing but the best!

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