Cheating Again? Offset Seen Hiding His Phone When Cardi B Enters His Room

When the one-third of Migos is doing a live streaming of his game, he is seen hiding his phone in a rush when he hears the ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker’s voice nearby.

AceShowbiz -This surely doesn’t look good in Cardi B and Offset‘s relationship. The Migos member has recently been caught on camera hiding his phone when his rapper wife entered his room, and pulled it right back out as soon as she left the room, prompting people to accuse him of cheating on her again.

As both of them continued to stay at home amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Offset decided to do a live streaming of him playing games with some of his friends. Things went normal until he heard Cardi coming closer and hid his phone in a rush. The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker didn’t seem to notice it as she then casually talked to the camera before leaving the room.

Once Offset made sure that Cardi had left the room, he quickly pulled out his phone and started texting someone.

His action surely raised people’s suspicion, and not a few started speculating that the father of four had an affair behind her back again. “He ain’t never been faithful to her,” one said. “He’s gonna break her heart so bad. Unfortunately,” another commented. Meanwhile, someone advised Cardi to “leave him,” adding, “He doesn’t even seem the type to use condoms with his h**s.”

“Offset wants to leave her so bad,” one other weighed in. “I know he regrets marrying her. This man is always out here cheating. The man is clearly unhappy, but stuck.” There was also an individual who called Offset “trash,” adding, “I hate that my inner wants to test that out.”

Prior to this, Offset already made headlines after a video of him cheating with other women emerged shortly after they confirmed their marriage. At the time, Cardi was so upset she declared that she would divorce him, though she ended up forgiving him after seeing multiple priests and praying on it.

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