Charmalagne Tha God on Joe Budden’s Spotify Drama: ‘He Doesn’t Know How to Properly Negotiate’

‘It sounds to me like Joe Budden is a person who knows his worth but doesn’t know how to properly negotiate it,’ the ‘Breakfast Club’ host says in response to the beef.

AceShowbizJoe Budden recently made headlines after he announced that he ended his exclusive deal with Spotify as he wasn’t satisfied with the contract. Now, fellow radio host Charmalagne Tha God weighed in on the beef between Joe and the streaming service, insinuating that the problem lied on Joe himself.

“It sounds to me like Joe Budden is a person who knows his worth but doesn’t know how to properly negotiate it, ’cause if you keep doing deals with various corporations and you keep getting trash-a** deals, that’s on you,” shared the “Breakfast Club” host. “Like, things like vacation days, bonuses, all of that has to be negotiated in your contract from the beginning.”

DJ Envy then noted, “Also, too, when I heard Joe comparing his show to like Spotify signing Gimlet for hundreds of millions and ‘The Ringer’ for hundreds of millions and Parcast for hundreds of millions…I think it’s very important to note that they got that money from Spotify because they are actual networks with tons of IP.”

“Those networks have a bunch of shows and other content, a bunch of staff that knows how to make those shows. You can’t compare your one show to a whole network,” he added.

CTG also said that Joe might need to reflect on himself. “If you keep having the same issues with various companies because it was the same thing at Complex, it’s probably not them. It’s probably you, Joe,” he commented. Joe apparently caught wind of his comment, responding on Twitter, “Charlamagne, Joe Budden is a network. We’ll talk later.”

Joe Budden responded to Charmalagne Tha God’s comment on his Spotify beef.

Joe, who hosts “The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory and Mal” on Spotify for the last 2 years, previously revealed that he wouldn’t continue his deal with the streaming service once it ends on September 23. “September 23rd, I cannot tell you where this podcast will be. But as it stands, I can tell you where it will not be, and that is Spotify,” Joe said on his podcast on Wednesday, August 26. “Spotify never cared about this podcast individually.”

He also accused Spotify of “pillaging” his audience to sell their wider podcast platform. “You pillage the audience from the podcast, and you’ve continued to pillage each step of the way without any regard [for the listeners],” he went on sharing.

In response to that, Spotify replied, “It was our desire to keep Joe Budden on Spotify. As Joe referenced on his show, we made him a considerable offer — one that was significantly larger and many times the value of the existing agreement and reflective of the current market and size of his audience. Unfortunately, we could not come to terms and we respect his wishes to find a new home for his show.”

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