Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Is Actively Sending Cash to Fans From His Personal Stimulus Fund

Throughout the day and night of June 30, Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina were trending, but Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is quietly attracting attention on Twitter.

The former NFL star is showing his charitable side by doling out money to random folks on social media. COVID-19’s financial impact on millions of people has been devastating, and Johnson is one of the celebrities aiming to help.

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson announced a stimulus fund in June

On June 23, Johnson made an announcement on Twitter that he had plans to send out stimulus money to those in need.

Referencing the coronavirus pandemic and the economic toll it’s taken on people’s financial stability, he declared he would send funds to those in need. It was also an indirect challenge to President Trump.

Johnson tweeted a screenshot of his bank account balance, which read $245,000, and stated he would distribute funds on July 1. Some fans thought it was too good to be true, and others were hopeful and decided to post their CashApp information early.

Johnson is keeping his word

On July 1, Johnson posted a new tweet to his 3 million-plus followers to say his money-sharing event was activated.

He wrote, “Good morning, i f*cking love all of you f**kers & today is July 1st, drop ya cash app, zelle or PayPal, will be “randomly” choosing & blessing folks throughout the day until 5 & that’s on Jesus sandals.”

Since the morning, Johnson’s been generously wiring cash just as he promised. Various requests are pouring in from single parents, students, business owners, and others who are struggling financially. Johnson is coming through.

Recipients are posting thank you messages along with confirmationthat he’s sending $1,000 apiece to each person. People are super grateful and arespreading the word.

Johnson plans to continue filling others’ coffers throughJuly 5, but it looks like one of the payment services put a clamp on his givingfor now. He receiveda message stating he reached his weekly limit of $150,000, but it goes to showthat the man is serious about his mission.

Fans are so appreciative that they’re shouting him out forthe gesture, even if they don’t want a dime. One personwrote, “I’m good. I don’t need anything, but just came here to tell youthat YOU FREAKING ROCKKKKKKK  for helpingpeople like that. You are a true hero.”

Another added,“You did what you could Unc. you’ll forever be blessed bc you’re choosing tobless people! shoutout to you @ochocinco!”

 Chad ‘Ochocinco’Johnson isn’t the only celebrity sending money

Since March, a number of celebrities have been aiding their fans with a few bucks during the pandemic. Britney Spears participated in the “Do Your Part” challenge and chose several fans to gift with donations of money, diapers, or other essentials.

Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Nas X hit social media to offer funds to their fans whose bank accounts are hurting.

Taylor Swift and Cardi B also gave money to directly to fans, and along with everyone mentioned here, contributed to organizations that provide assistance to communities and healthcare workers.

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