Catelynn Lowell: My Teen Mom OGs are Also My BFFs!

Many viewers were a bit taken back by what they witnessed on Teen Mom OG this past Tuesday night.

Amber Portwood was headed to court for a hearing after her arrest for domestic violence (because the show tapes months in advance) and…

… her co-stars were right there with her?!?

They actually hopped on planes and met up in Indiana to support Portwood, despite all the trouble she found herself in and despite allegations that she attacked ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon?!?


And Catelynn Lowell sort of explains why in a new interview.

“We just get each other on a different level,” Catelynn tells In Touch of the bond she shares with Portwood and Maci Bookout, especially, her other true OGs:

“I haven’t experienced this lifestyle and the things that we share on camera and things like that with anybody else.

“None of my friends really 100 percent understand it, but they do.”

In other words?

These women live separate lives in separate states, but they relate to each other in ways that almost no one else can.

There’s a connection they’ve formed that always exists, even if they don’t see one another very often.

(Unless they’re promoting a new season or reuniting on stage or one of them gets arrested, basically.)

As for Cheyenne Floyd, who was not part of the original cast?

She “just fit in so perfectly,” Catelynn tells in Touch.

However, according to Lowell, Floyd did have to go through a bit of a “hazing period.”

The trailer for season 8 depicts a bunch of women all meeting up — and the Michigan-based mom jokes they put Floyd through the ringer during that trip.

“But she always fits in, and we all really enjoy her,” Catelynn says.

Perhaps because there’s very little drama between the ladies themselves, ratings for this new Teen Mom OG season have not been great.

Could this be the end of the line for the franchise?

Catelynn doesn’t think so, but she wouldn’t trade the cast’s bond for more viewers anyway.

“We can talk to each other about certain things … that all my other friends wouldn’t understand,” she explains.

Reflecting on all of the years they’ve spent together, the mother of three concludes:

“We’re blessed to be able to have a friendship like we do. … I think Maci said at one time, ‘They say once you’re friends for 10 years, you’re friends for a lifetime.'”

Guess the women are stuck with each other in that case, huh?

Forever and ever and ever.

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