Carol Vorderman: Countdown star’s surprise marriage admission ‘I’d like another surname’

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Countdown legend Carol Vorderman was joined on BBC Radio Wales by her co-star Nathan Sussex on the show today. The 59-year-old made a candid confession on-air as she told listeners she still goes by her married name King.

The mathematician tied the knot with her second husband Patrick King in 1990.

The former couple, who split after a decade, share two children; Katie, 29, and Cameron, 23.

Carol cheekily hinted about her love life as the television star commented that it was the right time to “change her surname”.

The conversation came about after the radio host had just played Madonna’s 1983 hit Borderline.

“I’ve been called a number of things in my time from Ms Vorderman. I have been called My Vodafone, Carol Voldermort out of Harry Potter and Carol Borderline,” the Welsh-born presenter declared.

“I’ve also been called, ‘Can’t afford a man.'”

Her co-star Nathan chuckled: “What do they know?”

“But everytime I hear that Borderline song with Madonna it reminds me of all my other names.”

Carol revealed that her youngest son is moving out of the family home and so the former Channel 4 presenter is now tempted to change her surname.

Despite being known to her legion of fans as Vorderman, the small-screen star is legally known as King.

Carol explained: “I was saying to my son this week – I’m very random.

“So his surname is King, he is Cameron King. I was married to Mr Paddy King. So I was Carol King. And I kept that as my legal name for decades because of the kids.”


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She went on: “I always used to think, ‘Well, if I’m travelling with the kids for something – the olden days when we used to go on holiday abroad – then at least I wouldn’t be stopped at customs with the children.

“So now I’m thinking I’m a bit bored of that. I’d like another name. I’d like another surname.”

Carol denied she had any plans to walk down the aisle again in the near future.

“I don’t want to get married or anything like that, I just think it’s time to change my surname,” she commented.

“I mean I am Vorderman, I grew up as Vorderman, I’m quite happy to be Vorderman but I don’t want to be King anymore. Cameron’s leaving home so I don’t need to be King anymore.”

Carol then quizzed her colleague: “So what should I be?”

Nathan gushed: “Well, you’re already Dame Vorderman to me.”

“I’d like to have a new name. Not Borderline, thank you very much,” the radio host finished.

Carol’s first marriage was to Christopher Mather in 1985 aged 24. A year later, the pair divorced.

BBC Radio Wales airs on Saturdays at 11.30am.

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