Cardi B Pleased With Result of Multiple Body Piercings After Sharing Videos of Painful Process

Days after giving her peacock tattoo a makeover, the ‘Please Me’ hitmaker gets husband Offset’s support as she documents the steps of her getting three chest piercings and one lip piercing.

AceShowbizCardi B has taken on pain heads on for the sake of beauty. Just days after showing off a makeover she gave her peacock tattoo, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker came forward with another kind of body arts. On Tuesday, June 16, she happily flaunted the new chest and lip piercings she got through painful procedures.

Cardi B showed off new chest and lip piercings.

Taking fans through the whole journey, the 27-year-old raptress shared a series of videos on Instagram that documented her getting two dermal piercings in her chest and one labret piercing below her lip. Her first post captured her at home preparing herself mentally before getting her sternum pierced.

Accompanied by her husband Offset who held her hand throughout the process, the “Please Me” raptress could be heard stating, at one point, “I don’t even know why I’m agreeing to this.” When she panicked, the man in charge of the piercing told her, “I don’t wanna mess this up on you – I want this to look good. You can handle this, I promise.”

Cardi did not hold back on her screams in most of the videos she put out on her social media account, but she made a long pitch scream when her piercer was working on her labret piercing. In the caption of the footage capturing the process, the mother of one admitted, “This b***h hurt I forgot how it felt.”

After all the pain she had to endure, Cardi was apparently pleased with the result. In the last video she uploaded, the Grammy winner gave a closer look at how the piercings came out. She additionally revealed that she will take off the top piercing in her chest. “I gotta take this one off, ’cause this one is old – y’all know I’ve been having this one for a long time, but whatever,” she explained.

In regards to her peacock tattoo, Cardi shared a photo of the updated ink by tattoo artist Jamie Schene on June 15. Offering a side-by-side comparison picture of the body art, she spilled, “So after 10 years I gave my peacock tattoo a makeover. This whole week I been takin hours of pain getting tatted. Thank you @jamie_schene.”

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