Call of Duty Champs Crimsix & Shotzzy Got Rich Gaming, Have Message For Parents

Call of Duty champs Crimsix and Shotzzy just won $1.5 MILLION playing video games … and the CoD superstars have a message for parents of future esports players who want their kids to get a “real job.”

28-year-old Ian Porter aka Crimsix and 19-year-old Anthony Cuevas-Castro aka Shotzzy are part of the Dallas Empire — owned by Post Malone — who just took out the Atlanta FaZe in the 2020 CoD League championship.

Crim — widely regarded as the greatest Call of Duty player of all-time — says his mom and dad did NOT want him to become a professional gamer at first.

“[My parents] were super strict, super against it,” Crim says.

“My parents made me have like a 3.8 GPA. I’m in AP classes. I did summer school so I could actually get off high school earlier, and play earlier.”

Porter says he attended college and was on the Dean’s List before dropping out of school, and telling his mom and dad … “I’m gonna make more money than you guys this year!”

BTW, he’s been out-earning them since.

Shotzzy says his mom was a little different … she gave him time to pursue his dream, but told him he’d have to go to school and get a 9-to-5 if he wasn’t successful with gaming.

“If your kid has a dream to become a video game player, let ’em be. Try to be not as strict and give it a couple of years and if nothing happens, then you can start being strict on ’em I guess,” Shotzzy says.

“She gave me a couple of years and now I’m here.”

“Here” is super-rich … in addition to the $1.5 milli, the guys are paid a salary and have lucrative sponsorship deals.

Crim and Shotzzy also have huge fan bases … and are regularly watched by millions of people.

So, mom … less homework and more PS4????

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