Bryce Hall’s Response To Rumors His Relationship With Addison Rae Is Fake Was So Blunt

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are undeniably one of the most talked-about couples in Hollywood right now — without either having starred in a Hollywood film just yet. Their on/off relationship is broadcast all over TikTok and fans are eager to get all the details on the young couple. Some social media users, however, are pushing a conspiracy that the duo is just pretending for the cameras. Bryce Hall’s response to rumors his relationship with Addison Rae is fakepretty much shut down all of the keyboard conspiracy theorists’ guesswork, though, and gave some insight into how the two get along IRL.

"We’re cool, we’re friends. We’re vibing," Hall began a Nov. 5 interview with Hollywood Raw Podcast, seemingly playing down the duo’s connection. (Sure, Bryce — just "vibing.")

After making a few jokes about their caught-on-camera kiss from Halloween, however, he opened up a bit more about their relationship. On top of telling the interviewers that he and Rae never get into fights and they’re so busy they hardly get time together, he also addressed the rumors that their relationship is fake. "I’m glad you brought that up," he said eagerly before launching into his response.

Hall said he was made aware of the rumors via TikTok when he saw it trending. The original rumor spread on the blind item Instagram account, Deuxmoi, stated the two would break up for good on Dec. 3 and the entire relationship had been falsified to elevate their star status. "We’re not that smart," Hall laughed. "I can see where they think that though."

Although he denied the notion that the relationship is being faked for the cameras, he addressed that some TikTok duos might be milking their dating life just for views. "You see … a boy and a girl just randomly posting back together after months and getting 80 million views on TikTok … it looks like Justin and Selena." Is that some Jelena shade we detect? And also, which TikTok couple is he alluding to?

In all seriousness, Hall seemed very happy about how things are going with Rae, and it doesn’t seem like the two will stop "vibing" anytime soon.

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