Brooke Shields Calls Out Daughter for ‘A**hole Move’ After Getting Hit in the Face in TikTok Video

The ‘Endless Love’ actress is left in ‘utter disbelief’ after her 17-year-old daughter Rowan slaps her so hard in the face with her bag to do the viral sneaky car prank.

AceShowbizBrooke Shields struggles to grapple with the harsh reality of TikTok world after taking part in one of its viral challenges. In her daughter Rowan’s latest video, the actress/model unwittingly became the victim of her 17-year-old daughter’s sneaky car prank.

In the video, the mother and daughter duo were sitting in the car with Rowan taking her bag from the backseat. After looking for something in the bag, she attempted to put it back in the backseat while slamming it on her mother’s face so hard.

While Rowan did it intentionally and Brooke was clearly in for the challenge, the “Endless Love” star couldn’t help being left shocked by her daughter’s sneaky move. “Did you mean to do that?” she asked while gasping.

Rowan was giggling, replying to her mother, “Yes, are you okay?” Brooke tried to confirm it to her daughter again, “You meant to do that?” before jokingly calling out her daughter, “What an a**hole move!” She then asked her, “What did you have in your bag? I’m going to have a fat lip,” as Rowan continued laughing uncontrollably.

But being a good sport, Brooke still posted the video on her Instagram account. “so apparently this was for a tik tok… utter disbelief!!” so “The Blue Lagoon” actress wrote in the caption of the Monday, May 18 post.

Her fans and followers found the video amusing and entertaining, with one commenting on it, “Baahahahaha. I’m i.(sic) Tears. LAUGHING SO HARD. OUCH. AAWWW SWEET THO THAT MUSTA HURT.” While feeling “sorry” for Brooke, another could not help but admit that “it was kind of funny,” adding, “I hope it didn’t hurt too badly.”

Feeling for Brooke, a fellow mom shared, “my daughter pulls the same stunts. Sorry to light but glad I am not alone.” A fourth user similarly confessed, “I’m sorry. I have a 15 year old that would think that’s funny too.”

“Much better sport than I would have been,” someone else praised the 54-year-old screen beauty, while another added, “You are such a good mom I hope you know that my daughter would be flying out the moon roof if she did that to me.”

Someone else, meanwhile, suggested that Brooke plans to get some “paybacks” from her daughter after pulling the prank on her.

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