Broadway Star Nick Cordero’s Wife Amanda Kloots Tearfully Reveals How He Won Her Over

Broadway actor Nick Cordero is currently fighting for his life in the ICU while battling coronavirus and his wife Amanda Kloots has been rallying support from home as she’s not allowed to be by his side.

Amanda took to Instagram on Monday (April 13) and told the story about how Nick won her heart. They had met while starring in the musical Bullets Over Broadway and they had an on-off relationship over the years.

Amanda eventually launched a fitness empire that included a rope training course, something that Nick could not master.

“I had already started my jump rope business and my classes. And I had been training him when we were together and Nick could not jump rope. He just could not do it despite anything I taught him. He had the hardest time understanding how to jump rope and would get very frustrated,” she said on her Instagram Stories. Amanda revealed that Nick was up in Canada taking care of his dad during their break and he decided to teach himself how to jump rope in an effort to win her back.

“He thought that when he would come back to New York, he wanted to impress me and show me his skill,” Amanda said. She said that when he returned to NY, Nick asked her to train him and he showed up at their first training session in a brand new workout outfit.

When it was time for Nick to start using the jump rope during the session, he was using it like a pro and Amanda was ready to pat herself on the back for being a good teacher until he revealed that he had been practicing on his own.

“He told me, ‘When I was taking care of my dad, I would go to the gym every morning and i taught myself to jump rope so I could win you back,’” Amanda said before starting to cry.

“I love this story, obviously because it’s about jumping rope, but just a cute story to give you a little insight into what a special guy he is and who he is and the kind of heart he has,” she said. “He’s doing okay guys. He’s fighting.”

Over the weekend, Amanda revealed that Nick had to be resuscitated as his condition worsened.

Nick and Amanda have an almost one-year-old son, Elvis. Our thoughts are with the whole family during this difficult time.

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