Britney Spears Is Back Home In Louisiana & Enjoying The Quarantine Life With Family!

Like most of us, Britney Spears is keeping her family close during uncertain times!

Although she’s been snuggled up in her California home with boyfriend Sam Asghari for most of the ongoing quarantine period, the 38-year-old recently opted for a change of pace and returned home to Kentwood, Louisiana this week for some quality time with loved ones amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A source told Us Weekly the Toxic singer’s trip back to the Bayou state lined up perfectly with her sister Jamie Lynn‘s 29th birthday on April 4 and it was a full family affair:

“Britney has been spending the quarantine with her boyfriend and family. She was in California with Sam in the beginning and then went back home to Louisiana to visit her mom , dad , sister Jamie Lynn and her nieces.”

The insider spoke to the chill and relaxing vibes at the Spears residence, and how Britney’s been able to keep busy during her own downtime away from the group, too:

“ have otherwise just been enjoying fun, relaxing downtime together. Britney is keeping up with her workouts and listening to a lot of music and watching a lot of movies to pass the time when they are not doing family activities.”

Despite the obvious risks of travel during this time, it’s nice to hear the momma of two is mentally and physically in a good place right now — emphasis on the physical part! Earlier this week, Birt shared an Instagram video where she flexed her sculpted abs and impressive yoga skills, noting these are just a “couple of things that I do to just stay sane and to balance myself out.” Ch-check it out (below):

Looking good!! And such great advice. We could all use a little meditation in our lives, especially if the people you’re stuck isolating with are starting to drive you a little crazy (pun intended!). Social media bullies be damned, the starlet seems like she’s in a good place and leaning into her life away from the spotlight.

It was just last month when sources close to the pop icon revealed she wasn’t too keen on performing and making music out of resentment for her controlling father. Those claims were seemingly backed up by Britney’s son Jayden who said he hasn’t seen the performer “doing a lot of music at all” recently in an IG live Q&A. In regards to hitting the stage again someday, a source said:

“The thought barely crosses her mind. This is the longest break between album cycles in her career — it’s coming up on four years since Glory was released — and she’s perfectly content with it.”

Her fans might not be on board with that idea but at the end of the day, a happy and healthy version of Britney is the one we need the most! Hopefully, the rest of this quarantine goes smoothly for her, too.

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