Bring Me The Horizon Offer Behind-The-Scenes Look At Making Of ‘Obey’ Video

Bring Me The Horizon have offered a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their “Obey” video with Yungblud.

The video for “Obey,” which is off the band’s upcoming album Post Human, has surpassed 5 million views on YouTube.

In the “making of” video, BMTH lead vocalist Oli Sykes explains how his idea of a video version of the song changed.

“The song has such a monster quality to it. At first, I was imagining me and Dom as like puppets, but that felt a little bit obvious,” Sykes says. “Then, this idea came to me a little bit inspired by old Japanese Godzilla-type movies and Power Rangers and Pacific Rim.”

Sykes said the song was also inspired by global developments, including the Black Lives Matter protests.

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