Brantley Gilbert Drops Fiery Video For ‘Fire’t Up’

Brantley Gilbert has dropped a new music video for “Fire’t Up,” a song from his 15-track album, Fire & Brimstone, which was released in October 2019.

The video features the singer, surrounded by motorcycles and jacked-up trucks, throwing a concert amid somewhat chaotic conditions.

“We really, really did try to capture a country circus, like a redneck circus,” Gilbert told CMT in an interview. “I feel like that definitely came to life. Our ‘Kickin’ It in the Sticks’ video is a field party/bonfire song, and I’ve written a few songs that have that storyline or close to it, so we knew we had to do something a little bit different. And with this video, I really think it brought it to life but it gave it another life, too. It’s something we hadn’t done and something that folks hadn’t seen out of us.”

“To be completely honest, it was almost like another paradise for me,” he added. “It was like a party all day long. … It was an awesome experience and that’s one video shoot that I would do all over again, several times.”

When asked about the message he gives through the video to his fans, Gilbert said, “This is one that’s not like ‘One Hell of an Amen’ or ‘You Don’t Know Her Like I Do’ or any of that. It’s a fun-loving good-timin’ song. So, I hope they take that away from the video and have a good time.”

Fire & Brimstone features rock-infused party songs like “Fire’t Up,” along with lighter fare, more focused on country music storytelling.

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