Brad Pitt Kicks Off SNL‘s Second At-Home Episode With Hilarious Dr. Fauci Cold Open!

Save us, Anthony Fauci!

Dr. Fauci has come to national prominence over the past few weeks, of course, often spending his days doing national press conferences with Donald Trump and delivering high-quality, actionable information about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic while the President does… um, whatever the President does. So it only makes sense that Fauci was due for a spoof on Saturday Night Live!

On last night’s second at-home virtual episode of the show (yay for social distancing!), Brad Pitt delivered a surprise cold open playing the now-famous epidemiologist, and it was incredible! Ch-ch-check out Pitt’s delivery of Fauci’s Trump-adjacent public health message (above), along with a few wisecracks about how many emails the good doc is now getting from the older women of America! LOLz!!!

It was especially ironic because just a few weeks ago during an interview on CNN, Fauci was asked who he’d like to have play him in the movie of his life. Of course, as you’re probably suspecting, he requested Brad Pitt! Come on, wouldn’t we all?! Good decision, Doc! HA!!!

And in a particularly nice touch to go along with the funny and timely cold open, at the end of the clip, Pitt pulls off his Fauci wig and glasses and breaks character to be himself, and sincerely thank the first responders and medical professionals getting us through this pandemic. Such a classy move on his part, and that of SNL, to give a shout-out to those involved in quite literally saving the world during these unprecedented times! Ya really love to see it!!!

Miley, Rudd, OJ, and MORE!

In addition to Pitt’s cold open covering the coronavirus pandemic, there were plenty more good segments and clips during last night’s historic second at-home episode of the weekly sketch comedy show. Miley Cyrus and Paul Rudd made special appearances, and segments were dedicated to other high-profile topics like David OrtizOJ Simpson, a particularly funny Pornhub gag, and so much more!

Ch-ch-check out ALL the highlights from last night’s show down in the comments (below)!!!


Some of that stuff is just too funny… and seriously well done considering what they’re working with, as everybody is isolated and quarantined and all that. Love it!

What did you all think of last night’s SNL effort, Perezcious readers?? Was it as funny as you were expecting?? Better?!

Sound OFF with your take about the entire night’s lineup down in the comments (below)…

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