Boxing Superstar Claressa Shields Wins Pro MMA Debut With Violent Finish!!

Claressa Shields — the greatest boxer in the world — is now undefeated in TWO sports after winning her pro MMA debut on Thursday with an incredible 3rd round stoppage!!

The 26-year-old took on Brittney Elkin at PFL 4 in New Jersey. FYI, Elkin is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jjitsu!

As the fight started, it was clear Elkin’s plan was to take Shields to the ground and try to force the boxer to tap out.

Elkin’s plan worked during the first 2 rounds — smothering Shields and attempting to submit her with arm-bar attempts and other holds.

But, Shields stayed calm and repeatedly escaped danger.

Then, in Round 3 … Shields went off!!!

Not only did she stuff Elkin’s take-down attempt — but she gained top position and unloaded on Elkin with a barrage of violent punches to the head.

It got so bad, the ref stopped the fight — SHIELDS WINS!!

Claressa was STOKED after the victory — and later explained her mentality going into that 3rd round.

“I may have lost these two rounds, but I’m not losing this fight,” Shields said.

“She had me on the ground, but she couldn’t hurt me … Her punches didn’t hurt me. She tried to get me in me an armbar and that didn’t hurt me!”

Now, Shields has proven a true force to be reckoned with the cage. She obviously needs to work on her ground game, but an impressive start nonetheless!!


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