Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler Writes Memoir for His Grandchildren

The former bandmate of Ozzy Osbourne confirms he is working on a tell-all book about his heyday in hopes to give his grandkids a sense of his fame as a rock star.

AceShowbiz -Former Black Sabbath star Geezer Butler is working on an autobiography.

The bass player tells he is “halfway” through the memoir, which he hopes will give his grandchildren a sense of his amazing life.

“I started out because when my parents died, I always wished I’d asked them a lot more things than I knew about,” he says. “I don’t really know much about my mum and dad, ’cause they were always just there. So, I started writing a memoir for my grandkids to read, and that’s been fun going through stuff – old times and growing up in Birmingham, and all that. I’m right in the middle of doing that at the moment.”

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The book will contain plenty of drug tales from his wild days with Ozzy Osbourne and the band when they all lived together in Los Angeles in the 1970s.

He recalls one story, “We used to have bucket loads of cocaine there, and we had this big bowl in the middle of the table, full of cocaine.” He said, “One day Ozzy noticed this button below one of the windows; he kept pressing it, (saying), ‘I wonder what this does?’ The next thing, the police turned up – it was a panic button. And there was us with this great big bowl of cocaine in the middle.”

“We dumped all the cocaine down the toilet and ran upstairs to get rid of our own stashes. The coppers went, ‘What’s the problem?’ Oh, nothing… ‘OK, see ya…’ And we’d dumped about five grams of cocaine down the bog (toilet)!”

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