Blac Chyna Dyes Daughter Dream’s Hair Blue With Kid-Friendly Coloring — See Sweet Pics

Blac Chyna and daughter Dream had some quarantine fun with the little one’s hair. Chyna dyed it blue with kid-friendly coloring after Dream said she wanted colorful hair to look like her mommy.

Blac Chyna and daughter Dream Kardashian are making the most of their time together during the coronavirus lockdown. Right now the 31-year-old is rocking fire-engine red hair and her three-year-old wanted colorful hair as well. Since her favorite shade is blue, that’s what Chyna went with when dying Dream’s long dark curls. Since she didn’t want to use permanent dyes or chemicals on the little one’s hair, she turned to Hair Paint Wax Brand, which washes off after one rinse.

“Dream, wanted to have colored hair like mommy so I used @hairpaintwax in the color blue (her favorite color),” Chyna captioned the Apr. 10 Instagram post that showed two photos and one video of Dream with her new hair. In the first photo, the little cutie pie is sitting in between two statues of small horses with mutli-color paint splatters on them. She’s grinning from ear to ear, and the blue can be seen at her hairline. She’s also wearing a cute matching blue bow in her hair. 

Dream even had on blue pants in the photo, along with a pink and green Gucci sweater. From a distance her curls still looked like their natural brunette color with a little bit of blue glowing off of them. But in the second pic, Chyna showed a close up of her locks from the back and her hair is clearly now blue. In that photo, Dream is wearing a pink sweatshirt and has her hair pulled back so that her blue curls are cascading down her back.

Dream, wanted to have colored hair like mommy so I used @hairpaintwax in the color 💙(her favorite color).

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Lastly, Chyna shared a boomarang video of Dream after she got her hair fully done, and the little one is loving it! She’s twirling around with a big blue flower holding her curls away from her face. Chy took the video from above, so the top of her head with the blue hue coming off her hair is much more visible. Dreamy looks absolutely thrilled, smiling away about her new locks. In she gets bored of blue, the product also comes in gold, red, purple and silver. The L.A. County Health Department has announced that the coronavirus lockdown has been extended through at least May 15, so there’s going to be plenty of more time in self-isolation for Chyna and Dream to have mommy and me fun with hair products. 

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